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Jammu and Kashmir was an independent country with its Prime Minister, Election Commissioner and own degnified administrative system. At the time of Partation of India, the state had the option to aceede to either India or Pakistan but Maharaja Hari Singh wants to remain independent. The Pakistani Inveders starts distraction in the parts of north kashmir. The Maharaja appeal to Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru for help.Nehru told i will help if u aceede with India and ultimatly it happened and indian army landed in Kashmir and captured it.
To win the heart and minds of the people Article 370 a special status was given to the state. Latter on Central Government implemented some policies which start eroding the article 370 and gave a wide pitch to the sepratism. Thereafter, Armed Forces Special’Power Act (AFSPA) implemented in kashmir to down the dignity of Kashmir and declared as Disturbed area which is a voilation of human rights.
As Jammu and kashmir has its own constitution but the India is administered on the minds of every individual on the same pattern as British did before 1947.

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